COVID-19 Updates

Update as of February 1, 2021

The challenges of dealing with COVID-19 continues to present themselves to virtually everyone in the world.  As you encounter how to best deal with this threat, Alliant is making every attempt to find ways to help you navigate these treacherous waters. We understand that these times can be confusing and frustrating. We have diligently explored ways to be flexible within our given regulatory framework.  As this ongoing situation continues to change, and as we learn of new developments, we will notify our members. We appreciate your patience during this time, and we thank you for allowing Alliant Health Plans to serve you. Benefits listed below, excluding Telemedicine, will be effective through the end of the CMS state of emergency and members will be provided a 60-day notice of any change in benefits related to COVID-19.

Alliant Health Plans offers the following updates and reminders of its relief efforts:

  • COVID-19 Vaccine: The vaccine will be covered at no member cost-share.
  • COVID-19 Testing: Alliant health Plans generally does not cover COVID-19 diagnostic, antigen, or antibody tests which are done at the direction of the member’s employer in order to obtain or maintain employment or to perform a member’s normal work functions, or for return to school or recreation activities, or for travel purposes. Click here for more information on the testing exclusion. 
  • Telehealth/medicine: Alliant has expanded and relaxed the rules regarding this form of access to providers. Not all providers offer this service, but many are adopting this method in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and encouragement of CMS.  There will be no member cost-share, including HDHP members, related to in-network telehealth/medicine at this time. Out-of-network member costs are subject to the cost-share provisions of the benefit plan. 
  • 24-hour Nurse Line: Although COVID-19 related issues will be top-of-mind, members face anxiety, uncertainty, and if forced to remain at home, isolation and loneliness, which can lead to increased instances of depression. Members may contact a Nurse anytime, 24/7. Call (855) 299-3087.
  • Early refill on 30-day Prescriptions: Alliant has set a 75% refill allowance for all 30-day prescriptions on out-patient prescription drugs except controlled drugs and stimulants.

Example: You have a 30 day, once-a-day prescription that you have filled on March 1. Normally you would wait until April 1, or a full 30 days, to be eligible for a refill. With the early refill option, you can refill your prescription on March 24, which is when 75% or ¾ of your prescription has been used. 

  • Mail-Order: This is another feature many members may have forgotten. It is simple to use and allows employees to practice maximum social distancing. Members receive their 30-day supply directly to their door. Alliant uses Magellan as its Pharmacy Benefit Manager. For prescription transfers, contact the Magellan mail-order facility at (800) 424-8274.
  • Credit Card Payment – Extension: You may continue to use any credit card (except American Express) to pay for your monthly SoloCare health plan premium until the end of the CMS state of emergency, and will provide a 60 day notice of change in benefits. Go to and click on the “Make a SoloCare Payment” link under Quick Resources in the right-hand portion of the home page.

Modifications, exceptions, and relaxation of rules and regulations are due explicitly to the COVID-19 pandemic. These flexibilities provide room for individual to navigate as COVID-19 impacts their lives. If there are other ways you believe Alliant might assist, please contact us and we will listen. New information is being either released or learned virtually every day, and that new data may impact the decisions listed above. It is essential to know that these rules may expand or contract as more information is received or regulatory agencies provide guidance.

Be patient as all insurance carriers deal with the rapid-fire changes being aimed at them. Modifications of systems, claims, customer service, regulations and more take time to implement. If you need direct assistance, contact Customer Service.