About Us

Alliant Health Plans

Community health coverage, community providers, community well-being. 

For the past 25 years, Alliant Health Plans’ commitment to the community has been to improve access to affordable and quality health care. This vision drives every aspect of our business — client services measures, provider network standards, plan design and benefits, as well as new services and products. Our products range from group health plans to individual family plans, all thoughtfully created with the needs of local businesses and communities in mind.

Alliant is proud to call Georgia home. Our provider Network collaborates with more than 21,000 Georgia health care providers and facilities, bolstering our goal to provide members with wide-ranging access to local care. Our commitment to quality of care is reflected in our provider credentialing standards, resulting in a 92 percent board certification rate for providers in the Alliant Network. Each of our providers are uniquely set up to serve their communities’ specific needs, meaning our members receive the care they need.

This commitment guides not only the continuous expansion of our Network, but Alliant’s entry into new communities to offer health plans, based on community feedback. Currently, Alliant offers health plans across the state of Georgia.

Alliant has grown in company size and business line offerings since its formation in 1997, when two Georgia hospitals and a physician group came together to create a local health insurance option for their local communities. We are the last standing Georgia-founded and based Provider Sponsored Health Care Corporation (PSHCC) offering health plans in Georgia. Alliant has expanded and adapted over the years, but we aim to keep our founders’ intentions on the forefront of everything we do, which is to serve our members with quality products, intentionality, and care.