Message Re: Change Healthcare

Update: April 29, 2024

Alliant Health Plans has officially reestablished connection with Change Healthcare (CHC). (CHC’s list of connected payers)

Alliant is now receiving electronic claims data so your clearinghouse may resume sending claims information for electronic submission. We are increasing the frequency of payment cycles for the foreseeable future in order to more quickly deliver payment to providers.

CHC is ingesting 835 files from Alliant and delivering them to providers. If you were enrolled to receive electronic remittance advice, your connection should be restored through your clearinghouse.

We continue to load and process the volume of paper claims we have been receiving since the cyberattack on CHC.  If electronic submission is your preferred method of claims submission, please discontinue dropping to paper in order to expedite processing.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we have all navigated the impacts of the attack on Change Healthcare.  We value our provider community and its partnership in caring for our members.


April 15, 2024

Alliant Health Plans has been monitoring the situation with Change Healthcare (CHC) and communicating with them regarding resolution.  While they have begun to restore some connections, they have not yet restored the EDI connection with all payers, including Alliant Health Plans.

Claims Submissions
We continue to accept paper claims; however, the process of loading volumes of paper claims is time consuming.  We have dedicated our resources to this process but our turnaround time on paper claims is requiring almost 30 days.  We understand the impact this has on providers and continue to search for efficiencies.

Reminders for Paper Claim Submissions:

  • Original Red/White forms are required
  • Please avoid staples
  • Handwritten claims cannot be accepted
  • Service locations cannot be a PO Box

EDI Connectivity
We are actively exploring options for EDI connectivity outside of CHC.  As soon as we have connectivity with any open clearinghouse, we will begin ingesting electronic claims and will update providers.

If you would like to explore direct connectivity with Alliant through your closed clearinghouse or revenue cycle management software, please reach out to Provider Relations by emailing  In your request, please include contact information for your vendor so we may properly evaluate the potential connection.

Timely Filing Requirements
Alliant Health Plans will review timely filing requirements on a case-by-case basis and will allow extensions as appropriate.  Please contact your Provider Engagement Liaison with specific questions.



March 6, 2024 

On February 21, 2024, Change Healthcare (CHC), owned by United Healthcare and Optum, discovered its systems were under cyberattack, resulting in disruption in service to its health plan and medical provider clients.

Alliant Health Plans (Alliant) uses Change Healthcare for its clearinghouse and electronic eligibility verification (270/271 feeds). The following functions managed by CHC are non-operational at this time:

  • EDI Claims Submission (837 files)
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (835 files)
  • Electronic Eligibility Verifications (270/271 feed)

We are actively working to find solutions to replace the services handled by CHC. In the meantime, Alliant Health Plans has temporary solutions for claims, electronic remittance and eligibility as described below:

Claims Submissions

  • Original, scannable, red-ink paper forms may be submitted by mail.

Alliant Health Plans
PO Box 2667
Dalton, GA 30722

Electronic Remittance (835 file)

  • Paper Explanation of Payment (EOP) is available in the Alliant Health Plans Provider Portal

Eligibility Verification

  • Alliant Health Plans Provider Portal
  • Alliant Health Plans Automated telephone system (800-811-4793)
  • Alliant Health Plans Client Services (800-811-4793)

Alliant’s other critical operational functions remain active and are NOT impacted by the CHC disruption. These include, but are not limited to payment operations, provider portal functionality, premium payment operations, eligibility maintenance operations and Call Center operations.

Alliant appreciates your partnership and feedback as the Change Healthcare issue continues to unfold. Alliant will provide updates as more information and solutions become available.

Please reach out to your Provider Engagement Liaison or email if you have questions.