Looking for temporary medical Insurance?

Designed for individuals needing health insurance coverage for a few months up to a year, a Sanctuary short-term limited duration health insurance (STLDI) plan is usually a lower-priced option to an ACA-compliant Individual Family Plan (also known as IFP). A Sanctuary STLDI plan can be purchased at any time during the year – there is no set Open Enrollment period. And, applying is simple – use the online Sanctuary portal to see plan designs, get a quote and apply. The process should take no more than a half hour.


Consider a Sanctuary plan if:

  • Lost employer-sponsored health insurance
  • Starting graduate school or program that requires health insurance
  • Ineligible for coverage under your parent’s plan and searching for your own insurance
  • Missed Open Enrollment for a traditional IFP health plan and still need health coverage

Sanctuary is marketed by Alliant and underwritten by SERVENTY INSURANCE COMPANY.

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