Producer Contract Update


The Producer Contract has been amended to allow an updated Exhibit A.  Please find the amendment and updated Exhibit A-2 linked below for your convenience.

The IFP commission structure that was implemented in late 2017 for the 2018 Plan Year has been amended.  In the updated Exhibit, you will find three material changes:

  • The qualifying membership for Individual/Family Plan (IFP) commissions has been lowered from 150 members to 100 members.
  • Agencies must maintain 100 active IFP members, as opposed to the previous requirement of 125 IFP members.
  • IFP membership established through Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) will contribute towards monthly Agency Level calculations, though not eligible for commission payments.

Producer Contract

If you have any questions regarding the changes or your Agency Level, please contact your Broker/Client Relations Representative.