Notice of Unauthorized Access

Summit Reinsurance Services, Inc. (“Summit”) provides re-insurance services to Alliant Health Plans, Inc. (“Alliant”).  On October 28, 2016, Summit notified Alliant that it had identified that ransomware software was initiated on its servers on August 8, 2016.  Through forensic investigation, Summit determined that the first instance of unauthorized access to the server occurred on or around March 13, 2016.  In late October 2016, Summit determined that limited Alliant data related to 1,042 members was contained on the affected server.

Alliant adheres to security protocols and submits its data to Summit in a secure format, however the data was not left encrypted on the Summit server and could have been compromised through this ransomware.  A forensic investigation has found no direct evidence of any actual or attempted misuse of the personal information on the affected server.  Alliant considers the risk to the individual members to be minimal.  For some members, the type of information contained on the server included member’s name, Social Security number, health insurance information, provider’s name, and/or claim-focused medical records containing diagnosis and clinical information.

In response to this incident, Summit has conducted a forensic investigation, evaluated its security safeguards and is updating its policies, procedures and protections for member information. Alliant maintains the use of encryption and other security safeguards to prevent the unauthorized access of member information and will continually review its security measures to protect member data.

As an additional safeguard, Summit is offering access to one year of identity theft protection to any individuals whose information was contained on the server.  Individuals whose information may have been contained on the server are receiving written notifications by mail.  As always, Alliant and Summit recommend taking steps to prevent identity theft by monitoring your credit reports for any unusual activity.

In addition, if you would like to contact Alliant Health Plans, please contact Alliant at 800-811-4793.